What is a lottery? Lottery Online Casino.

For Lottery casino online-this is a trait, a pleasant and almost compulsory between the various games involved plays consistently good prizes and odds of winning are large enough.

Lottery Online Casino

The word «Lottery» comes from the word «lot»-lot, and this is a gambling game in which hull to the right, that is, your income depends only on your ticket will draw or no prize pool distribution. Part of the collected funds are often not the organizers, what is included in the «lunch» tax, while the rest goes to the prize pool.

Big prize money, and the lack of any prerequisite for the professionalism of the participants drew the attention of the lottery, and love the great mass of the people: because your profit does not depend on reason and experience, but only in his «lucky star», in which ordinary people believe sincerely.

Nature Lottery depends on the intentions and purposes of its organizers: you can be rich, but you can collect money for charitable or socially beneficial projects, such as libraries, museums, monuments.

The first drawing was held, probably in the 2nd century BCE in ancient China. In Europe, lottery, is mentioned in the chronicles in the 15 century, which quickly became popular in the Netherlands, Italy and France.

The moral of the time did not allow the lottery organizers of the rich at the expense of funds obtained, that he did not agree with the code of honor of the aristocracy. But the temptation was really great. Legendary lover and adventurer Giacomo Casanova came up with for the first time in the history of the Lottery «win-win European lottery system, organizers where winnings are shared in proportion to the contributions. His idea of Casanova had proposed to the King of France, and received high approval of the monarch. But he soon had to flee the country, accused of fraud and imposition of the King because he had no values in order to win the lottery, while no one, especially the people of honor.

Nowadays Lottery no longer looks as entertainment and gambling, but the distribution of these funds is not profitable. On the contrary, the State, the Church, charities and private organizations use a lottery to raise funds for this purpose. The thrill of the game, picking up this issue has not been lost, but morality is determined by the purpose of the organizers. For example, the Protestant Church makes extensive use of lotteries to raise funds for charity. Although the Christian religion is not a fan of gambling, but, according to Protestants, because Jesus Christ does not prohibit lotteries, a great sin that is not seen because why not use these things for invention, gentlemen?

Internet Lottery feels most comfortable: one of the main problems in real estate Lottery-time for informing participants about the beginning of the drawing, implementation and distribution of the prize-the World Wide Web becomes in itself is not a problem in principle.

Games are held at several sites, regularly draws for various rules, but mostly promotional. Therefore, if you are invited to an online casino, to participate in the draw, will agree-this usually fun, and profitable.